Sopranos Goes To The Feds

December 19, 2007 By:
Sopranos Goes To The Feds

Sopranos may be over, but things are just heating up in a trial over whether "Sopranos" creator David Chase owes a New Jersey man money for his help in developing the HBO series.

A federal jury of seven women and one man will determine whether services a former municipal court judge provided should be compensated, and if so, how much.

The defense wrapped up its case Tuesday, with the soft-spoken Chase testifying that he "felt like crying" when he heard that he had been sued by Robert Baer, who aspired to be a writer.

Baer claims he gave Chase a New Jersey tour and introduced him to mobsters, which led to ideas that were used on the show, and said he was promised to be taken care of if the show was a hit. He said Chase never gave him a dime, and that show was definitely a hit.

The jury hasn't come to a decision yet. What do you guys think? Is that fair of Baer to be asking for cash?