The Secretly Awesome Life of Hodor from ‘Game of Thrones’

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The Secretly Awesome Life of Hodor from ‘Game of Thrones’
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Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” came out as gay in an interview today.

Kristian said this to the “GoT” fansite

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“I’ve never hidden my sexuality from anyone, my whole life in fact, and I’ve been waiting for someone to ask about it in an interview, [because] it’s not something you just blurt out. I’ve tried to lead the questions a few times, to no avail!”

Again, Kristian portrays Hodor on the fantasy series, whose entire vocabulary consists of a single word: his own name.


But obviously, he’s so much more than just “Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.”


For instance, did you know he’s a DJ from Belfast?


He was a traveling DJ before he was cast in the series, and still is to this day. He describes his sound as “Chunky, Deep, Dark, Always with Attitude.”

With cool Euro-grunge style.

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Not to mention he plays World of Warcraft religiously.

Jake Stormoen

And he says he doesn’t mind playing with fans. “If they want to come and…say hello…I’m 7 feet tall—they can do what they want. [chuckles] That’s not a challenge, by the way…[laughs].”

Dude also has some interesting face tats.

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Which aren't all that secret considering they’re directly above his right eyebrow, but we had to give them an honorable mention.