Robin Roberts Enters Treatment for MDS

September 20, 2012 By:
Robin Roberts Enters Treatment for MDS

It’s a sad but brave day for the “Good Morning America” anchor.

Following her openly publicized diagnosis of MDS – a rare blood disorder – Robin Roberts will begin her medical treatment on Thursday morning. The anchor addressed her supporters prior to the procedure in a somber but courageous video message.

“This journey is as much about the mind as it is the body," she said.

Despite an obviously exhausted and painful appearance, Robin conveyed a strong message to fans.

"Your thoughts. Thoughts are so powerful. You've got to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel,” she said, adding, “And let me just say this lastly, I feel the love and I thank you for it. Thank you."

The video was posted on ABC News’ Team Robin page. It will air on a Thursday episode of ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

From her intense, eight-day chemotherapy treatment to her heartfelt goodbye from the network airwaves, months of preparation led to this moment. She has been keeping the public updated on her condition along the way via Twitter.

Robin will receive a bone marrow transplant, provided by her sister, Sally-Ann. The transplant will mark a “new birthday” on the television icon’s calendar.

According to ABC, Robin has been in the hospital for a total of 11 days, with her “GMA” family providing support throughout.

She was last seen on the morning show on August 30 when she gave her goodbye announcement. Robin left a day earlier than planned to be with her ailing mother, Lucimarian Tolliver, in Mississippi.

Lucimarian passed away the next day…

According to Dr. Gail Roboz, who is working with the anchor, everything so far with Robin’s procedure is going as scheduled.

"Everything is going great," said Roboz. "Medically speaking, everything is going fantastically."