Pete Doherty To Help Heroin Addicts

March 11, 2008 By:
Pete Doherty To Help Heroin Addicts

Pete Doherty is planning on making a trip to housing projects in England to help heroin addicts. Conveniently, he'll be shooting his new reality show at the same time. Pete will live with families on Manchester's Langley Estate and work with a
young offenders' group in Sheffield's Manor Park in a series of music-based
therapy sessions. His experiences will all be documented for his show.

How is this even legal?! It's like making an alcoholic work in a liquor store. Pete was photographed just last week with a "suspicious" powder coming out of his nose, so it's not like he's all of a sudden on the straight and narrow. Who knows, maybe getting a reality show is the new rehab. The old way seems to never work.