Miss Venezuela Murder Was a Set Up

January 8, 2014 By:
Miss Venezuela Murder Was a Set Up
Image By: Getty Images / Gustavo Caballero

More details have emerged in the tragic double murder of former Miss Venezuela Mónica Spear and her family.

Originally it was reported that Mónica, her ex-husband Thomas Henry Berry, and their five-year-old daughter Maya were attacked by a band of thieves while waiting for a tow truck to arrive after their car broke down between Puerto Cabello and Valencia in Venezuela.

However, authorities believe that the car ran over a sharp object intentionally placed in the middle of the road to leave Mónica and her family stranded, according to the New York Daily News. Left defenseless, two tow trucks arrived on the scene, but it’s unclear whether they were there to assist the trio or were part of the robbery and homicide.

As the tow truck lifted the vehicle onto its back, the band of thieves assaulted the family, firing at least six gunshots, which left Mónica and Thomas dead, and their daughter alive, but wounded in the leg.

As of today, five arrests have been made in relation to the murder.