Michael Lohan to Appear On Judge Judy-Type Court Show

September 12, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan to Appear On Judge Judy-Type Court Show

There is such a thing as bad press and the Lohan family clearly isn’t aware.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad, your favorite Hollywood d-lister (“d” stands for “dad” obviously) is taking his legal problems to the small screen because Lindsay’s legal woes weren’t enough to meet the Lohan family quota.

Michael Lohan: Lindsay! When was your last car accident?
Lindsay Lohan: I dunno, like 3 months ago?
Michael Lohan: Dammit Lindsay that's not enough! I said 1 per month! 1 per month!

Apparently Michael Lohan is involved in a legal battle with Damon Feldman, the CEO of Celebrity Boxing Federation, Damon is suing Michael for missing two fights he signed up for, and Michael is counter-suing Feldman for owing him money from a separate business deal.

Basically it sounds made-up. He owes him money from a “separate business deal” that they can’t name?

Anyways, these two are taking their beef to televised court show “Judge Alex.” “Judge Alex” is a “Judge Judy”-type show, except it’s hosted by a guy whose name is Alex.

And get this, Michael Lohan’s estranged ex-girlfriend Katie Major, who he starred in a series of highly publicized domestic run-ins with, will also appear in the episode as a witness FOR Michael Lohan.

The point of this story is that you should set your TiVos. It’s gonna be a trainwreck. Let’s see LiLo top this.