Matt Bomer On Growing Up Gay

October 8, 2012 By:
Matt Bomer On Growing Up Gay

Matt Bomer is beautiful, is gay, is talking about it, is more beautiful to everyone because of it.

"When I was in high school, there was no safe haven, there was no outlet for you to speak your mind,” said the 34-year-old actor at GLSEN’s Respect Awards in Beverly Hills last night to a crowd that included Jim Parsons, Amy Adams, Octavia Spencer and directors Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer. “So I did what any self-preserving 14-year-old would do—I signed up for the school play and also the football team to cover my tracks.

The White Collar star opened up to a gay student advocacy group about his own personal experiences being in the closet during his high school years, adding, “When that happens, when you aren't allowed to speak about who you are, one of the most authentic parts of who you are, which is who you love or who you're attracted to, feels invisible.”

Matt and his partner, one of the industry’s most powerful publicists, Simon Halls, were presented with the Inspiration Award by Magic Mike co-star and fellow college classmate Joe Manganiello who in his own speech praised the couple.

"You are the example that the rest of our country needs to wake up and see in terms of equality and putting and end to the bullying epidemic and making sure that every family is respected in our schools and our society." Matt and Simon have three sons together.

Matt’s sexuality became the topic of some hot and heavy contention a few months ago regarding another hot and heavy commodity: the starring role of Christian Grey in a Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation. As an out actor who’s a front-runner on many short lists for the role (Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard included), it’s been debated by everyone—from writers like Bret Easton Ellis to 94% of women with an internet connection—whether or not casting a gay man in the heterosexual role would compromise the “fantasy” element and driving force of the book’s success.

Whether or not women want to look up at him on the silver screen as Christian Grey, we can more importantly look up to him as a role model for how to be a man in general.