Leslie Nielson's Last Laugh is a Fart Joke

June 3, 2011 By:
Leslie Nielson's Last Laugh is a Fart Joke

If my late father taught me anything it was: "There's one thing in life that'll always be funny, and that's fartin'." Yeah, he was a redneck.

But Leslie Nielsen apparently thought so, too. He left us with one final joke, having the following phrase imprinted on his gravestone:
"Let 'er rip."

Nielsen made this request years before his death, and although it's been six months, he's still making us laugh. Criticize it all you want for being low-brow, but it's kind of hard to translate sophisticated humor onto a tombstone.

Nielsen's grave is in Evergreen Cemetary in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The actor died in November of 2010. He died of pneumonia in his sleep while in Fort Lauderdale. He was famous for starring in slapstick comedies like Airplane! and Naked Gun. Roger Ebert called him "the Olivier of spoofs".

Nielsen was known for his fart-related humor. He once farted during an interview on a Scottish morning show while discussing the intricacies of comedy.

Facing the gravestone is a bench that reads, "sit down whenever you can", which was the career advice Nielsen would give aspiring actors.

Let 'er RIP.