Kevin Hart: King of the Shorties

January 28, 2014 By:
Kevin Hart: King of the Shorties
Image By: Getty Images

At a certain point in everyone’s life, they have the realization that stand-up comedian Kevin Hart is really, really short.

It may happen when you see a photo of him standing next to someone,



maybe you were just Googling him, because why not?

But one thing is certain…Kevin Hart is short! He stands at a mere 5’2”.

However, there are a few celebs - let us rephrase that, there are a few celeb women who Kevin Hart is actually taller than. These are literally the only people we could find that are shorter than Kevin.


Kevin Hart is definitely taller than 4’8” Snooki.


Kevin Hart is taller than the smallest Kardashian, 5’0” Kourtney.


Kevin Hart is taller than 5’0” Anna Kendrick (but she might tower over Kevin in heels).


Kevin Hart is practically eclipsing (just kidding!) the little 5’0” Jada Pinkett Smith.


Kevin Hart is barely bigger than 5’1” Reese Witherspoon.


Kevin Hart is taller than 5’1” Kristen Bell.


Kevin Hart is taller than Vanessa Hudgens, who stands at 5’1”.

And those are the celebs who are shorter than Kevin Hart!