Keegan Allen on Ashley Benson: We Are Just Friends

June 19, 2012 By:
Keegan Allen on Ashley Benson: We Are Just Friends

Actors Keegan Allen and Ashley Benson are not dating, and that’s no lie.

Allen -- on the green carpet for the premiere of Disney/Pixar’s Brave, was looking festive donning a red wig in honor of the occasion – gave an exclusive interview to Hollyscoop about what’s going on both on the screen and behind the scenes this season on Pretty Little Liars.

Though he assures us that they have valued fan opinions from the beginning, for the third season they have given their base of supporters significantly more pull as to what direction the show is headed. And it’s going to be good according to Allen, claiming "the show is now going into a darker place then it has before.”

Because apparently, that’s what the fans “really want to see… [and] the writers have done an incredible job taking that and forming this story line that’s real and it's amazing.”

They are currently in the shooting phase and Allen for one, “can't wait to see how its all going to look.”

Now that we’ve covered what we’re actually going to see, let’s talk about what’s really going on, on set. Regarding the rumors and a serious amount of paparazzi pics (all rated G) that support a possible romance between him and co-star Benson, “We are just friends.”

And Allen isn’t stingy when it comes to doling out friendship. He considers all of the female cast members part of his inner circle, saying “all of the girls on set are incredible and they all share different interests with me that are just so fun and we are really all close.”

He understands why we would make hook-up connections, but again stresses the “platonic nature” of the relationships. He then makes the point that he chooses to keep his private business, private.

So it seems we are all going to have to settle for what we can get of Allen on the show.

Season 3 is now under way Tuesday nights on ABC Family.