Katie Couric To Get First Interview With Captain Sullenberger

January 23, 2009 By:
Katie Couric To Get First Interview With Captain Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger is getting so much press since he successfully landed the Us Airways flight into the Hudson with no passenger fatalities.

Obama even invited him to Tuesday’s inauguration! And now Katie Couric wants a piece of him. She’s getting the first post-crash interview with the pilot, who goes by “Sully,” and the interview will air on 60 Minutes.

Sully as originally supposed to speak with Katie’s former co-host Matt Lauer first, but that interview got postponed during the investigation of the plane crash. And NBC is not happy about it!

They released a statement saying, "What Captain Sullenberger did in the cockpit on flight 1549 was heroic and admirable. Unfortunately, people close to him have not acted nearly as admirably over the past few days. They gave us their word, and then broke their commitment. We wish Captain Sullenberger the best."

So now Katie has swooped in to try and get yet another memorable interview in a year. Her Sarah Palin sit-downs boosted her ratings significantly.

Sullenberger and the flight attendants have been courted by countless news organization. His wife and daughters appeared on television in their California driveway hours after the incident. So this is a huge interview for Katie and for 60 Minutes.

Tune in on February 8th to hear just how Sully miraculously landed that plane into the Hudson’s freezing waters.