Josh Henderson Helps Mom Quit Smoking With 'Hendu Elite'

August 17, 2012 By:
Josh Henderson Helps Mom Quit Smoking With 'Hendu Elite'

Developing a signature e-cigarette may seem like an odd choice for a non-smoker, but it seemed like a task worth exploring for actor Josh Henderson.

The Step Up and The Girl Next Door actor has partnered with SmokeStik to create a brand new, sleek looking e-cigarette. The device, titled the “Hendu Elite,” is an effort to lead addicted tobacco users away from real cigarettes and onto the path of a healthier lifestyle.

“It's a rechargeable device that you can use throughout the day that can give you doses of nicotine in controlled amounts through vapor,” said Henderson. “Without all the tar and smoke and ‘poison’ as regular cigarettes do.”

By fulfilling a dosage of nicotine and avoiding the toxins, the Hendu Elite’s main goal is “to strictly help [smokers] quit smoking.”

For the actor, smoking addiction was never a problem that he has personally suffered from, but that doesn't mean cigarettes haven’t affected his life.

“[I] grew up as a kid watching my mother smoke and I just hated it,” said Henderson. “She's tried many times to quit so that was my passion in endorsing this product.”

Though she was weary of the product’s futuristic look at first, Josh is confident that the Hendu Elite has lead to a healthier lifestyle for his mom. In the five months since being introduced to the product, she hasn’t even picked up a traditional cigarette.

Josh was introduced to SmokeStik through a friend and was immediately intrigued by the impact that Hollywood could have using it to promote healthier living.

The Hendu Elite gets its name from a combination of a school nickname and some quality marketing.

“Well Hendu has been my nickname since middle school,” said Henderson. “And I liked ‘elite’ because I feel that out of all the e-cigs on the market mine has the most Elite look by far!! And it has a nice ring to it.”

Though he admits that the choice on whether or not to switch over to an electronic cigarette remains up to the user, there is no denying the benefits that a vapor cigarette has over it hazardous and stinking cousin.

“Everyone is entitled to do what they want,” said Henderson. “I obviously would love to help anyone quit smoking if it's what they want. SmokeStik is a product that is worth trying.”