Joey Kavor's Death Was NOT Caused By Street Drugs Says Friend

August 17, 2012 By:
Joey Kavor's Death Was NOT Caused By Street Drugs Says Friend

More details coming in about Joey Kavor’s tragic death…

A close friend of Kavor is speaking out to Hollyscoop about his knowledge on what led to the reality television star’s sudden death. Mav Blauvelt, a close friend of Kavor, cites prescription medication as opposed to street drugs as the culprit in taking his friend's life.

Blauvelt, actor and co-founder of Muscle Wolf Productions with Jarod Degado, spoke to Hollyscoop about his relationship with Kavor that lasted to his final days and what he believes could have caused his death.

“I am almost certain that this overdose was not street drugs- that it was, in fact, prescription medications,” Blauvelt told Hollyscoop. “I really want people to know this.”


According to the friend, Kavor suffered from serious depression and extreme anxiety, often leading to panic attacks. He was on several medications as a result.

Blauvelt claims he is positive that a “bad interaction” between the drugs caused the reported overdose.

Though it is known that Joey had suffered from a long-term battle of addiction to alcohol and hard drugs like cocaine, Blauvelt claims that his friend was on the road to recovery.

“He was totally getting his life back together,” said Blauvelt. “He was about to do a pilot for a new reality show called ‘Hunks of War.’”

A photo from a Chicago screening of independent film Psycho Street shows Joey and Blauvelt smiling, arm-in-arm with their friend Heather on May 23, 2012.

Blauvelt recalls Joey as a true friend that anyone would want to have on their speed dial.

“Joey was full of charm and personality and he was an amazing person. A really great guy … The type of person that would give the shirt off his back,” he said.

In addition to his friends, Joey leaves behind his two young children.

For Blauvelt, what’s most important is that his friend is remembered for the person that he used to be and not for the drugs that consumed him during a brief but dark moment in his lifetime.