Jenni Rivera's Remains Identified, Turned Over to Family

December 13, 2012 By:
Jenni Rivera's Remains Identified, Turned Over to Family

The Jenni Rivera plane crash saga has come to an end. The remains left at the plane crash scene have been identified as belonging to Mexican-American music artist Jenni Rivera.

This is a big deal because many Jenni Rivera fans were rallying around the idea that she was still alive and was not in fact killed but was actually kidnapped.

There were many pieces of the plane crash story that just didn’t add up.

Two years ago, Jenni received a Twitter message that said “you’re the next to die” and the twitter account was supposedly linked to the Zeta Cartel. Since 2006, many Mexican musicians have been executed at the hands of the cartel.

The plane she was flying in was supposedly “gifted” to her, and it’s owner is a man connected to the Tijuana drug cartel.

Also, what are the odds that only her driver’s license survived the crash? Many are wondering how it fell out of her wallet amongst the rubble when nearly everything else was destroyed?

Hopefully her family can find peace. As of yesterday, her son was holding out hope that his mom was alive, after a psychic said Jenni was alive and hiding out by the wreckage site.

His son tweeted, “My Mama is alive. I lose hope but I got it back. She is not dead.”

A spokesperson for the Mexican government released a statement today that Jenni, her publicist and the plane’s co-pilot’s bodies have been identified.