'Entourage' Cast Confirms They’re All in for Movie

October 21, 2013 By:
'Entourage' Cast Confirms They’re All in for Movie
Image By: HBO

After months of are-they, aren’t-they tension and a fanbase that had basically given up hope…the "Entourage" movie is unofficially, officially happening.

“Everybody’s in line, it’s gonna be good. We’re doing it in January,” said E (we mean, Kevin Connolly).

The cast is so confident this thing is “happening,” Adrian Grenier himself posted from his official Facebook page on the TMZ video, “It will most definitely happen.”

Then, Adrian took to Instagram to confess to fans how much he’s in love with the show and how “seriously” the cast is taking the film.

Apparently producer Mark Wahlberg said that some of the cast were getting greedy and asking for insane paychecks, which was holding up the process.

Adrian insists that is NOT the case.

“It had and never will be about the money for me. I promise. I will always stand up for the boys and do what I can to make sure they are treated fairly, and not be taken advantage of by anybody,” said Adrian.

Whatever. The "Entourage" movie is happening this January. Let’s hug it out, b*tches.