Ed Norton Gets In Fight With Ed Norton

April 25, 2013 By:
Ed Norton Gets In Fight With Ed Norton

This headline has us doing a double-take. Literally!

A self-proclaimed Ed Norton look-alike approached real Ed Norton (Fight Club, remember him?) in NY yesterday to ask for a picture and find out if Ed thought they actually looked the same when Ed smacked his camera away and allegedly bruised the photog's finger.

The guy, who goes by “Aladino” and is trying to get famous on YouTube, walked up to Ed and was like, “Yo, people are saying you look like me…is that true?”

To which Ed responded, “Get away from me.”

Ed has never been known for his niceties. Trust.

So Ed smacked away the guy's camera and Aladino went to the hospital to get his injured finger checked out. Lol, what a baby.

Turns out Aladino had a “tissue contusion” which is just a big-boy word for “bruise.”

A doctor at Beth Israel Hospital told Page Six that Aladino insisted on getting a splint for his finger because he was in “so much pain.”

The guy is now exploring legal action. Like we said, he’s kind of a fame wh*re. We would link to his YouTube account, but we don’t want to give him any more publicity.