Draco Malfoy Might Be His Hottest Yet

June 6, 2014 By:
Draco Malfoy Might Be His Hottest Yet
Image By: Glamoholic

Tom Felton, best known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series, covers the new issue of Glamoholic magazine, whatever that is, and looks seriously sexy.

Dare we say it, but this might be the BEST he’s ever looked.

He’s moody, edgy and fashionable.


Ignore the quasi-handlebar mustache, just IGNORE THAT PART.




He’s so damn pensive!

Or should we say, “Pensieve”? Get it? Because, Harry Potter?


This pic could be better.

But only because the clothes he’s wearing in it are whack.


That is the steely gaze of a true movie star.


Tom Felton, you are a fine piece of man.