Don't Miss TV: 'Dallas' Premieres Tonight On TNT

June 13, 2012 By:
Don't Miss TV: 'Dallas' Premieres Tonight On TNT

OG "Dallas" cast member Patrick Duffy said he’s ”looking forward to how much more we can squeeze out of this old horse.”

If that’s not the most perfect tag line for the much-anticipated reboot of the iconic '80s show about some super rich backstabbing Texas oil tycoons/cattle ranchers—I don’t know what is.

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Duffy talked about round two for the infamous “night-time soap” that had an epic and beloved prime-time run from 1978 to 1991.

The infamous “Who Shot J.R.?” episode is continually referenced as one of the greatest moments in the history of dramatic television, and the phrase became a culturally defining question of equal import as, “Where’s the Beef?”

Though there have been a few offers on the table to bring back the show over the years, all of the scripts presented to the original cast members basically, according to Duffy, “all just sucked.”

He goes onto to talk about an idea that was in the works to make a movie out of the original series, and would have starred John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez and Shirley MacLaine. Duffy adds that the script was “one of the worst things I’d ever seen. Just awful.’’ Sounds it.

And then came script writing executive producer Cynthia Cidre. “She got it. She understood the perfect blend of what made this show so iconic in the ’80s.’ TNT commissioned a pilot episode, and liked it so much that they made nine more.

A handful of original cast members reprise their old roles to transition us into a whole new generation of Ewing family drama. Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman come back as the moral vs. morally ambiguous Ewing brothers, Bobby and J.R., and Linda Gray as J.R.’s former beauty queen wife.

The new batch of Texans includes Josh Henderson playing a chip off the money-hungry block as J.R. III, while Jesse Metcalfe is there to counter his cousin’s greedy aspirations as the adopted son of Bobby, who sets his sights on the very culturally relevant pursuit of clean energy.

Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo bring the young hot cowgirl contingent to the ranch as the boys' love interests/pieces of the various love triangles that formed in the past only to inevitably re-configure in the future – the whole series is a soap opera after all!

If it’s anything at all like the original, its worth a watch for the costuming alone -- the boys wear really big hats, and the girls wear lots and lots of side slits and sequins.

Yes please, y’all.