'Bling Ring' Real Detective Appears In Movie - Could Hurt Actual Case

April 19, 2012 By:
'Bling Ring' Real Detective Appears In Movie - Could Hurt Actual Case

Sofia Coppola’s new flick, “The Bling Ring” stars Emma Watson and Leslie Mann and tells the story of several teenagers that raided the homes of young Hollywood celebrities four years ago. This so-called “bling ring” made off with Paris Hilton’s designer clothes and Lindsay Lohan’s artwork.

Stills from the set have been popping up online showing Emma in “bad girl” clothes, which is loosely translated to bad hair extensions and a tramp stamp.

Anyways, Brett Goodkin, the LAPD detective who cracked the actual case has signed on as a technical advisor on the film and even appears in the movie as himself.

The thing that’s so sketchy about this is that the real case is still in progress for the three remaining defendants. Basically, this will look real bad for the prosecution that one of the main investigators on the case is appearing in the movie.

Looks like somebody wants his 15 minutes of fame. Either that or the paycheck was pretty tempting.

Goodkin says he was paid $5,000 for his “work” on the film.

The crazy thing is, the LAPD had no idea he was involved with the film.

“We did not know, and now that we do we have to evaluate what impact this may have,” says a rep from the LAPD.

C’mon LAPD, get it together.

Police and detectives being hired to give their expert opinion on a film is real common in Hollywood, but no-one has done this or made a cameo in a flick while they are still investigating the real case.

Goodkin says he participated in the film because he waned to “learn about filmmaking.”

“I wanted to see what Sofia was going to do with the story. Look, it’s not like I was chosen because I am detective of the year. We don’t choose the cases we get. It’s not like there’s a character based on me. It’s not like I’m Bruce Willis.”

Sure buddy, and you’re fifteen minutes of fame are up in 3, 2…and 1.