'The Bachelor' Names A Winner

March 12, 2013 By:
'The Bachelor' Names A Winner

After weeks of cliff-diving dates and born again virginity on “The Bachelor,” Abercrombie model look-a-like Sean Lowe has proposed.

The lucky lady is Catherine Giudici, the 26-year-old graphic designer from Seattle, a self-described “nerd,” but from the .5 seconds of the show that we actually watched, she seemed pretty cute and not-nerdy to us, but whatever #television.

It’s a match made in heaven. Catherine herself said that Sean is her ultimate “type,” which to use her words is an “all American beefcake.”

The best part is that Sean finally told Catherine he loved her after he proposed and of course Catherine started losing it, saying stuff like “I’m addicted to you” and “you’re my prince,” which is a bit much, but also kind of adorable.

Maybe these two will be one of like, 3 couples to actually stay together after the show. Oh and when/if they do stay together, ABC is televising their wedding Kardashian-style. 

As for the jilted runner-up, which is a terrible way to look at romance, 24-year-old Lindsay Yenter was sent packing and told Sean, “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna go because this is painful.”

Poor thing. Rejected is never easy, but to be rejected by Sean Lowe, who is arguably the hottest bachelor we’ve seen since the show took a left turn with casting choices like mop-head Ben Flajnik.

Oh, Sean has also just revealed he’s joining this season of “Dancing With the Stars,” because he better cash in on his 15-minutes of fame while he’s still hot.