Alison Pill Accidentally Tweets Topless Photo

September 12, 2012 By:
Alison Pill Accidentally Tweets Topless Photo

“Newsroom” actress Alison Pill just accidentally tweeted a naked “sexy” photo of herself to her 14,821 twitter followers. Also, I put “sexy” in quotes, because well, look at the photo and decide for yourself.

Alison Pill stared in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and has a pretty huge fan base amongst nerdy boys who listen to Weezer still and have their own podcasts. Following in the footsteps of Anthony Weiner, Alison is the latest celeb to have no idea how to use Twitter.

She’s obviously since deleted the scandalous photo but just tweeted this apology tweet.

In the photo she’s rocking oversized glasses, stringy hair and what appears to be pants. It’s so unsexy, I kind of want to stare at Kim Kardashian instagram pictures for a while just to remind myself what self-indulgent social media pictures should look like.


But the issue here isn’t that she tweeted out a topless photo, its why was she tweeting topless photos of herself to begin with? Was she trying to send it via “direct message?” Does she not have an email, an iphone, a facebook account or ANY OTHER OPTION BESIDES TWITTER?

Most people assume she directed her tweet at fiancé and fellow actor Jay Baruchel, which still doesn’t clear anything up.
But he did tweet: