Actor Fred Willard Gets Arrested At Adult Theater

July 19, 2012 By:
Actor Fred Willard Gets Arrested At Adult Theater

Fred needs to keep his Willard in his pants.

News broke in the wee hours of the morning that the man known for his appearances in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and American Wedding has found himself in some adult situation comedy of his own. Unless, of course, you’re him…

Fred Willard, 72, was arrested and booked for lewd conduct at an adult theater in Los Angeles. The business where the alleged shenanigans went down is the Tiki Theater in Hollywood.

Hollyscoop has been in touch with the theater’s manager, Kazi Jafor, to get the scoop of what went down.

“Police came inside and he was sitting down,” Jafor said. “They told him to stand up and he did. He was doing lewd conduct. That is not allowed in our theater."

According to Jafor, the actor pleaded over and over again that he “did nothing wrong.”

Masturbation of any kind is not allowed in the theater as a general rule. However, with the contents of the featured films tending to rouse patrons, things can get out of hand.

Willard’s alleged rule breaking was discovered when police were doing one of their standard inspections of the establishment.

"There have been many, many other arrests here,” said Jafor. "Sometimes people get excited here."

Jafor went on, saying that the actor was obviously very upset. It was the first celebrity that he has ever seen at the theater.

Tickets for screenings at the Tiki Theater cost $13 and, as long as you keep your hands where they belong, that price allows you to sit through four films.

Willard is currently married to Mary Lovell, his wife for 44 years.

TMZ broke the news of the arrest.