37 ‘Friends’ Cameos You Forgot About

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37 ‘Friends’ Cameos You Forgot About
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We’re leaving out the Brad Pitts, Tom Sellecks, Kathleen Turners, and Aisha Tylers. Everyone remembers their guest roles and/or significant arcs on the beloved series, but there were a ton (like, too many to count honestly) of famous faces you probably forgot about or just didn’t recognize because they weren’t stars at the time.

1. Brooke Shields

She stole the episode as a stalker so obsessed with Joey’s character Dr. Drake Ramoray in “Days of Our Lives,” she thought he was a real person.

2. Freddie Prinze Jr.

He played Sandy the Male Nanny, who watches over Emma.

3. Bruce Willis

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He was so good as the dad of Ross' much-younger girlfriend, and eventually went on to date Rachel, that he won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

4. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams

These two were huge stars in ’97 and did an unexpected and arbitrary single scene in Central Perk.

5. Charlie Sheen

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Phoebe's former flame is on a two week leave from the navy, and he won’t let her chicken pox stop him.

6. Ralph Lauren

Rachel has been working at Ralph Lauren for years, and in season six he made a surprise appearance during an elevator ride.

7. George Clooney and Noah Wyle

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NBC’s two most popular programs collided when the "ER" stars cameoed as doctors interested in taking Rachel and Monica on a date.

8. Hugh Laurie

Proof he was born to be the scathing Dr. House, the British actor played an annoyed passenger seated next to Rachel who reaches his breaking point.

9. Ben Stiller

He played Rachel’s date, the notorious screamer with a hot temper. IDIOT!

10. Chris Isaak

He played a fellow singer-songwriter who invites Phoebe to play her music at a children’s library, the candid lyrics of which ultimately mortify the parents.

11. Dakota Fanning

A super intense 8-year-old Joey is babysitting.

12. Debi Mazar

She played the “evil bitch” pregnant patient who shared a hospital room with Rachel.

13. Isabella Rossellini

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She played herself in the episode where Ross makes a list of celebs he’s allowed to sleep with. Only he cuts her from his top five just before she walks into Central Perk.

14. Jean-Claude Van Damme

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He also played himself. Rachel and Monica run in to him on the set of a movie shooting in New York and they compete for his attention. When he suggests they have a threesome with Drew Barrymore, they’re immediately turned off.

15. Jill Goodacre

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As the former Victoria’s Secret model who’s trapped in an ATM vestibule with Chandler (actually make that the other way around).

16. Adam Goldberg

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He played Chandler’s crazy new roommate who had a hobby of dehydrating fruit, right after Joey moved out. Also, poor goldfish.

17. Jon Lovitz

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He played the stoned dude who brings Monica in for an interview. Creepy, but of course, funny.

18. Julia Roberts

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She played a childhood friend who plots revenge on Chandler for a prank he pulled on her in grade school. Julia and Matthew Perry were dating in real life at the time.

19. Soleil Moon Frye

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Punky Brewster herself made an appearance as Joey’s girlfriend with a habit of playfully punching people. Except it really hurt, and he was afraid to break-up with her. 

20. Lea Thompson

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She was doing a crossover role for "Caroline in the City" in the episode where Chandler and Joey forget Ben on a public bus.

21. Michael Rapaport

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He played Phoebe’s police officer boyfriend who reveals a major dealbreaker in their relationship: he shoots birds.

22. Richard Branson

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You probably missed Richard selling Chandler and Joey that tourist hat in the London episodes.

23. Sean Penn

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He played Eric, Phoebe’s twin sister’s fiancé, whom Phoebe learns has been lied to by her sister on multiple occassions. Phoebe is also attracted to him. Whoops!

24. Susan Sarandon        

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She played Joey’s soap opera co-star who didn’t know she was being killed off the series. 

25. Melora Hardin

 "The Office" actress played Ross’ date who loved dirty talking.

26. Michael Vartan

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He played Dr. Richard Burke’s son who makes Monica wear an eye patch, and takes her out on a date.

27. Mae Whitman

She played the little girl scout on season three whom Ross accidentally knocked down a flight of stairs.

28. Ellen Pompeo

She played the mutual college crush, Missy, of both Chandler and Ross.

29. George Newbern

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Yup, that hired assassin from "Scandel" played The Yeti that lived in the same building as Monica and Rachel.

30. Scott Adsit

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There’s Pete Hornberger as the director who needs to verify that Joey is in fact “Jewish” during an audition.

31. Sherri Shepherd

She played the museum employee who explains how the break room works to Joey.

32. Steve Zahn

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He was Phoebe’s gay ex-husband from Canada whom she married to get him a green card. Turns out, he lied about being gay and now he wants a divorce to marry someone else.

33. Craig Robinson

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The comedy actor was a clerk before he made it big in film and TV.

34. Sacha Baron Cohen

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He was a random extra on the pilot episode before he became famous.

35. Dan Castellaneta (a.k.a. Homer Simpson)

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The voice of Homer Simpson was featured as the zookeeper who knows where Ross’ monkey Marcel has been relocated.

36. Jennifer Grey

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Jennifer played Mindy, Rachel’s former best friend who went on to marry her ex-fiancé Barry. It was a brief role she didn’t reprise in the following season. Also, you may not have recognized her because it was post nose job.

37. Cole Sprouse

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Awww, Ben!