17 Times Jensen Ackles Was Supernaturally Gorgeous

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17 Times Jensen Ackles Was Supernaturally Gorgeous
Image By: The CW

Let’s just say the guy is on "Supernatural" for a reason. His facial features defy the laws of nature.


1. Jensen Ackles is a genetic feat of supernatural beauty.

Beck Starr/FilmMagic

Fact: Scientists have studied his face and they were like, “Too. Gor. Geous. Can’t. Compute.”


2. Especially when this human marvel dresses up in a suit.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


3. Or is caught mid-laughter.



4. Or blinks his eyes.

The CW/Tumblr


5. Or licks his lips.

The CW/ryanseacrest.com


6. Or blinks his eyes and licks his lips at the same damn time.



7. Here he is sitting on a car.

The CW


8. Here he is sitting IN a car.

The CW


9. Here he is casually leaning on a tree, because why not?

Hollywood Life Magazine


10. The guy just looks really good when he’s surrounded by nature.



11. And my God, look how modest he is about it.

The CW/Tumblr


12. Though, none of that compares to the time he slaughtered the duck face game with this epic duck face.

The CW/data3.whicdn.com


13. This one too.

The CW/Tumblr


14. He has that supernatural ability to make you faint by doing nothing more than crossing his arms.

The CW


15. And he can stop time with a very focused stare.


His beauty and grace defies logic, reason and physics.


16. If making flawless 90-degree turns were an Olympic sport, he’d get a gold medal every time.

The CW/Tumblr

10s all across the board!


17. His eyes are so stunning, they probably hold the secrets of the universe.


Tell us your secrets, Jensen… We’re listening.