10 Reasons We’re Too Creeped Out to Watch 'Flowers In the Attic'

January 20, 2014 By:
10 Reasons We’re Too Creeped Out to Watch 'Flowers In the Attic'
Image By: Lifetime

"Flowers in the Attic" tells the classic tale of two siblings, trapped in an attic under the strict supervision of a demented grandmother. As the two take their first steps into adolescence, they fall romantically in love with each other—WTF?!!

Guilty pleasure connoisseurs, the Lifetime Channel, aired their remake of the controversial V.C. Andrews adaptation starring the best-kept secret of "Mad Men," Kiernan Shipka, but don’t ask us to fill you in on every detail because we couldn’t get through all the creepiness.


1. Heather Graham shows us her dark side.



2. Including slapping her kids.

That’s not okay.


3. But Ellen Burstyn’s iciness is in a class (and stratosphere) all its own.


4. Look at what she’s making Heather Graham do…

…in front of her own kids!


5. All of it just starts messing with her daughter.


6. Before you know it, she’s making out with her brother.


7. And sleeping with him in the same bed.


8. Someone slap them out of it!


9. These devil children!!


10. With devil women for parents; including one who brushes her own head of hair, which is independent from her body. Someone save us!!

We're going to have nightmares forever and we haven’t even watched the movie!