The Scoop From The "Never Back Down" Movie Junket

March 3, 2008 By:
The Scoop From The

Are you ready for an action packed movie? Never Back Down is the latest flick depicting street martial arts in a world of today where every move is depicted by a touch of a button on the Internet.

'Never Back Down' is the story of determination and triumph against all odds. Not since 'Fight Club' or the 'Karate Kid' have we seen a movie with so much action and adventure.

Djimon Hounsou does a phenomenal job playing a martial arts veteran. He may portray a ruthless instructor throughout the movie but he also conveys emotions about family troubles without missing a beat.

The lead star Sean Faris is nostalgic of a young Tom Cruise. He takes on the role of an angry high school student who must face his worst enemy in the midst of living in guilt of his father’s death.

'Never Back Down' proves that everyone gets their fight, but only determination and courage can lead to triumph. The movie hits theatres on March 4,2008 but in the meantime check out our special coverage from the “Never Back Down” movie junket where we get the scoop from the stars.

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