Nelly Pitching his Own Variety Show

February 19, 2009 By:
Nelly Pitching his Own Variety Show

Rapper Nelly wants to get on the reality show train! He’s reportedly pitching a variety show to several networks. The show is tentatively called Nelly’s Night In Vegas, and would feature him performing and interacting with celebs.

Does everyone think they’re Chelsea Handler or something? He seems to think it’s the perfect addition to what’s on the tube right now.

Nelly says, “I was thinking about what was missing on TV, and when this idea came about, it made sense for me. We do have talk shows, but no one’s speaking from the pop culture perspective. Let’s get a little more pop, a little more edge, a little bit younger, and not look like you’re sitting in the principal’s office. As a performer, that’s the type of show you look forward to going on.”

Nelly may just get the green light for a pilot, because he’s got good people on his side. The Daily Show creator Madeleine Smithberg and The Biggest Loser creator Dave Broome are reportedly on board for this project. And based on the success of both of those shows, this may have the same luck.

We have to say….we’d rather watch a Nelly variety show than a John Mayer variety show.