Neil Patrick Harris Takes 'Spider-Man' Digs at Tony Awards

June 13, 2011 By:
Neil Patrick Harris Takes 'Spider-Man' Digs at Tony Awards

Neil Patrick Harris did such a good job hosting the Tony Awards; he should’ve gotten a Tony for his performance.

Harris took the stage with Hugh Jackman in a song and dance parody of Anything You Can Do, taking jibs at each other’s career. Usually I’m not a huge parody fan--it’s my “get up for a snack” time when I’m watching Family Guy-but it was appropriately entertaining for the Tony’s.

The upcoming Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark show took some major hits from Harris last night.

“Pretty soon they’ll be turning its name to 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Lawsuits’”, Harris quipped.

The show seems to be cursed, as actress T.V. Carpio was recently hurt during a battle scene with another actor. Carpio was brought on to replace actress Natalie Mendoza, who suffered a concussion in December after being hit in the head offstage by a rope.

And in case Bono’s musical didn’t get enough heat, Harris gave himself thirty seconds to fit in as many “Spider-Man” jokes as possible:

"Spider-Man: The only show that warns you about strobe-light and falling actors."

"No audience members were harmed in the making of this musical. Yet."

The musical opens Tuesday, June 14. Bono and The Edge, who wrote music for the show, seemed to have a sense of humor about the ribbing. The duo appeared onstage and performed a segment that included some awkward jokes, an apology, and a reiteration that the show would indeed open this week.

Bring your helmets, theatergoers.