Neil Patrick Harris Has Baby Plans

June 18, 2009 By:
Neil Patrick Harris Has Baby Plans

Neil Patrick Harris and his partner of five years David Burtka are taking things to the next level!

Maybe they got the baby bug from Sarah Jessica Parker, because they’re currently in the process of selecting a surrogate mother!

Neil and David are using the same agency, Growing Generations, based in LA, that Sarah Jessica used to find her surrogate.

A source tells Star, “Neil and David were so relieved and excited once they were approved. Now they have so many surrogate profiles to go through to find the right woman to carry their child.”

“Neil and David can’t wait to hold their baby; they don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. They just want a healthy child.”

We’re so happy for them! Let’s hope their surrogate doesn’t have to go through what Sarah Jessica’s has. She’s been hounded by the paparazzi and the tabloids. So not right!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, there is no truth to the reports. Neil's rep just said, "No, we are not currently expecting a baby. Maybe someday…”