Hollyscoop Predictions: Who Will Host The 2013 Oscars

August 8, 2012 By:
Hollyscoop Predictions: Who Will Host The 2013 Oscars

In a perfect world, Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Gervais would host every awards show ever, Hugh Jackman would sing and dance on command, and James Franco would be told to stay far, far away from any hosting stint.

There are too many rumors flying around about who is or isn’t hosting the 2013 Oscars, so we decided to set the record straight on who is rumored to be hosting, who is already out of the running, and who we think should get the hosting gig!

Jimmy Fallon: Last week, rumor had it that SNL head-honcho Lorne Michaels was producing the Oscars and his golden boy Jimmy Fallon would host. Whoever started this rumor didn’t realize that Jimmy hosts a show on NBC but the Oscars airs on ABC. It’s kind of a conflict of interest. Also, Fallon’s late night show is in direct competition with the other Jimmy - Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show on ABC. Also, Jimmy shot down the rumors on the "Today" show this morning saying, “No, I’m not going to do the Oscars.” Final Verdict: OUT

Billy Crystal: Even though Billy Crystal hosted the awards show last year, he has thrown his name into the ring…again! He told USA Today that if the Academy wants to hire him again, “The door is open. It’s up to them. I had a very good time this last time.” Here’s Billy hosting the show last year. Final Verdict: MAYBE!

Neil Patrick Harris: There isn’t a show that Neil Patrick Harris has met that he couldn’t host. The Tonys, The Emmys, The Spike TV Video Game Awards…he’s done it all. We think Neil Patrick Harris would make a perfect Oscar host, but we talked to his rep who says he wasn’t aware that Neil was in the running to host at all. Final Verdict: WE WISH

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase: Chevy Chase hosted the Oscars back in ’87 and ’88 and for some reason, a Facebook fan started an online petition to get both Bill Murray and Chevy Chase to host the show. A Facebook petition got Betty White to host SNL, so this attempt just might work. While both these guys are super talented, last we checked Chevy was leaving expletive voicemails on his boss’ phone and Bill, well, he’s around but not doing Ghostbusters III. Final Verdict: PASS

Jimmy Kimmel: Since Jimmy Fallon is out of the running for the hosting gig, that leaves room for the ABC darling Jimmy Kimmel. He did a great job hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner and is also set to host the primetime Emmys this fall. Can you host the Emmys AND the Oscars? Sure, why not. Final Verdict: MAYBE!

Kristen Wiig: While her name hasn’t been thrown into the mix at all, how awesome would Kristen Wiig be as a host!? So awesome, right? If the rumors are true that Lorne Michaels is producing the show, he’ll probably want to keep the show “all in the SNL family.” Kristen has already quit SNL so this would be a perfect new gig. Final Verdict: WE WISH!