Ne-Yo: Industry Thrives On Drama

September 18, 2008 By:
Ne-Yo: Industry Thrives On Drama

In a world where tabloid magazines sell more copies than records, its no wonder celebrities leave the house without panties, make regular trips to rehab, or date other celebrities just for the exposure.

In the midst of all the drama surrounding Hollywood, real talent is usually hidden. Hollyscoop sat down with Ne-Yo at the Hennessy artistry concert at Kress in Los Angeles on Wednesday where he expressed his frustration with the industry and their obsession with drama.

Speaking to, Ne-Yo said: "I think that what’s glorified in the business today is drama. I think that I don’t get the same attention today because I’m a fully functional human being. I’m not a heroin attack, I’m not sleeping with 17 different celebrity women."

He added, "Britney Spears isn’t pregnant with my child. And I think that because of that people don’t pay attention to me as they do to some of these other cats. I just think it’s sad that the industry thrives on drama and trainwrecks as opposed to talent."

The fact that he's not a "heroin attack" or a "trainwreck" is probably the reason why he actually gets respect in the industry instead of being mocked by tabloids and blogs. Do you agree with Ne-Yo? Does the industry thrive on drama as opposed to talent?

Photo Courtesy of Jared Milgrim