Natasha Richardson's Family Gather at Her Bedside

March 18, 2009 By:
Natasha Richardson's Family Gather at Her Bedside

Natasha Richardson's rep has yet to release a statement in regards to her critical condition, but friends say they have given up hope that she'll recover from a severe head injury.

"There is no chance," a family friend told People on Tuesday night. "It is a fact that her heart is beating but she is brain dead."

Doctors described the situation as "leakage of blood between the brain and skull," the friend says. Now her family has to come to terms with the incident and may have to consider doing the unthinkable. "It's not official yet," says the friend, "but they basically will detach her."

Family and friends gathered at her bedside in New York City last night, possibly to say their goodbyes.

The family is expected to make a statement later today, so we'll keep you guys updated as soon as new information is available. Our hearts go out to her family, such a tragic accident!