Liam Neeson Speaks Out About His Pain

May 7, 2009 By:
Liam Neeson Speaks Out About His Pain

It’s only been a month since the passing of the beloved Natasha Richardson, but her widowed husband Liam Neeson is doing everything he can to pick up the pieces.

A couple of weeks ago Liam decided to take on a movie role in Clash of the Titans, hoping that working with his good friend Ralph Fiennes would ease the pain.

And now Liam has made his first public speaking appearance since his wife’s untimely passing. He revisited his alma mater, Queens University Belfast, to receive an honorary doctorate.

According to Irish Central, Liam spoke from his recent experiences, saying “art builds from pain, from misery, from a deep-seated hurt, a monument to the human heart that shines like a golden dome among roofs rain-glazed and leaden."

He also wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerability. Liam, whose two sons sat in the front row, told the audience, "Everybody assumes that actors are great public speakers. It’s terrifying. Forgive me for reading it."

He concluded with: "I think it is a message that a university always gives its students in the end: It’s time to move on, get on with your life. I got on with mine, and I'm still getting on."

This must be the hardest thing Liam has ever gone through, but it appears he’s taking the right steps to move forward.