Rabbi Takes Aim At Natalie Portman Over Video

October 8, 2008 By:
Rabbi Takes Aim At Natalie Portman Over Video

Natalie Portman isn’t the type of girl who gets in trouble. But she’s in the middle of a controversy after starring in a music video in which she plays an Indian princess. Hindu scholars have already come forward to express their dislike, and want an apology. A well-known U.S. rabbi has taken aim at Portman, right in time for Yom Kippur, condemning her performance.

Rabbi Jonathan Freirich has asked Nat to use Yom Kippur as a chance to make amends with the Hindus she offended with the video. He says, "This video mocks a venerable religion. At this time of the Jewish High Holy days, when soul-searching and making of amends are recommended, Ms. Portman has the perfect opportunity to show her true feelings of inclusion and open-mindedness in apologizing for her participation in this video."

Last week, acclaimed Hindu and Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed admitted he was deeply hurt by the video, which he claims simply serves to feed incorrect stereotypes of his religion.

He said, "The images used in the video are revered in Hinduism and are not to be thrown around loosely for dramatic effects. We invite Hollywood to immerse itself in Hinduism, but we ask that actors and actresses, directors and producers take our religion seriously and respectfully."

Poor Natalie. She’s not even dating the guy whose video she starred in! It was a music video for her boyfriend at the time Devendra Banhart. So this is even more of a blow.

What do you think? Are the Rabbi and the Hindu scholars exaggerating, or should Natalie apologize?