Natalie Portman's Boring Honeymoon Plans Revealed

August 10, 2012 By:

Now that Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have tied the knot, we’re all wondering where they’re going for the honeymoon!

St. Tropez?! The Maldives! Her birthplace, Israel!? Nope, they went to a LA Philharmonic concert. Uhhh, I’m not gonna say I’m let down by these utterly normal honeymoon plans, but I’m let down by these utterly normal honeymoon plans.

Natalie and Ben (can we call him Ben yet? I’m calling him Ben, we’re besties, it’s cool) were spotted at the Hollywood Bowl with their son Aleph enjoying the sounds of the LA Phil.

Ugghh, LA Phil shows at the Hollywood Bowl are where boring LA couples go when they want people to think they are “cultured.” This is not a good look for Natalie.

“[Natalie] looked pretty chilled out,” a source told People, “She was wearing jeans and a T-Shirt, her hair was down…She looked more concerned about keeping [Aleph] quiet and not disturbing anyone, than anything.”

Yeah, everyone knows you can’t bring a kid to the Hollywood Bowl! Everyone who attends the Bowl is snooty and anti-baby. Once you have kids your only cultural outings are limited exclusively to county fairs and miniature golf.

Apparently Benjamin and Natalie had to keep stepping away from their seats to calm down Aleph who was being fussy.

However, Ben seemed really “into the music” says the source, because he’s a choreographer.

“He was swaying back and forth while walking with Aleph, and keeping time with the music.”