Natalie Portman Turns Producer for Next Film

August 12, 2009 By:
Natalie Portman Turns Producer for Next Film

We’re used to seeing Natalie Portman looking gorgeous in front of the camera. But she’s stepping behind the scenes for her next project, as producer of a new comedy called Booksmart.

Natalie, who by the way attended Harvard, is producing the film that revolves around two over-achieving high school seniors who have everything—except boyfriends.

According to Variety, the script follows both girls resolving to find a man before prom. Natalie says of her two main characters, “Sarah and Emily create funny, smart, unselfconsciously strong female characters. When I read Booksmart, it was as though the script we always talk about wanting to find for our company suddenly materialized.”

The only unfortunate part is that Natalie won’t star in it! Everything Nat acts in is worth watching, so we’re sure her producing skills will be on par with the rest of her work!