Natalie Portman: Sean Penn is Just a Friend

May 15, 2009 By:
Natalie Portman: Sean Penn is Just a Friend

Last week, reports surfaced that Natalie Portman and Sean Penn were an item. They had first been spotted allegedly making out at Sunset Towers in LA back in March. And then just last week, Star magazine claimed that they were still very much together.

But Natalie has come forward today to squash the rumors. She tells Us Weekly, "Sean Penn is a friend and colleague. The reports that we are romantically involved are completely untrue.”

But despite what she says, even the New York Post has reported that Nat and Sean are “cavorting.” To that, Natalie responds, "I normally do not respond to rumors about my private life, however, this repeatedly fabricated story has forced me to do so."

We guess there would be no reason for Natalie to lie about this, but it seems strange that there have been eyewitnesses who have seen them acting like a couple. Maybe she doesn’t want to admit the relationship for Robin Wright Penn’s sake, whom Sean filed for divorce from just last month.

What do you think? Are Natalie and Sean still together? Or is this just a rumor?