Natalie Portman Producing Show for TV

January 31, 2012 By:
Natalie Portman Producing Show for TV

Natalie Portman has been to Harvard, won Oscars, and appeared in dozen of films, but she has never executive produced a TV show yet…until NOW.

ABC has picked up a one-hour drama based on a 1978 novel by Judith Krantz called “Scruples” and Portman is attached to executive produce.

The show is being billed as a “sexy soap set in the late 1970’s that follows a socialite who, following the death of her husband, seeks to open a fashion forward boutique in the heart of Beverly Hills.”

Uhhhhhh, you had me at “sexy soap set in the late 1970’s” and then lost me at “seeks to open a boutique.” Errr, what’s so dramatic about a rich lady opening her own fashion boutique? Pretty sure they covered that during Season 1 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” – DASH stores anyone?

This is the first time that Portman has produced a show for TV and she’s teaming up with the authors son Tony Krantz to develop the script.

The Krantz novel was adapted into a 1980 miniseries of the same name and was basically a really bad soap about love lost and found, backstabbing and more backstabbing. So basically, it was Gossip Girl before Gossip Girl was Gossip Girl.

Let’s hope Natalie Portman gets it right this time.