Natalie Portman Doesn't Understand Celibacy

November 26, 2008 By:
Natalie Portman Doesn't Understand Celibacy

We always knew that Natalie Portman was different. Naturally, she avoided the partying, drugs, and scandals that land most stars in the tabloids. But this one might surprise you.

While other starlets turn down sex scenes for personal reasons, Natalie doesn't agree. At the junket for the film "Doubt," a reporter asked playwright John Patrick Shanley was why he chose Amy Adams to play the role of an emotionally conflicted nun.

"I'm trying to think of what the etiquette is on this," he said. After some coaxing, he added, "Well, we asked Natalie Portman, and Natalie was very interested but kept saying she had a problem. And we finally nailed down as to what the problem was. She basically said she didn't understand celibacy."

Isn't that why they call it acting?