From Eva to The Olsens: Pint Sized Celebs

June 16, 2011 By:
From Eva to The Olsens: Pint Sized Celebs

Kristin Chenoweth is one of the tiniest stars in Hollywood, but she makes up for it with her big, bubbly personality.

"Occasionally I will shop in GapKids," Chenoweth confessed. "I can wear a size 12/14. It's kind of fun."

Why not shop at Build-a-Bear while you're at it? At 4'11" and 88 lbs, Chenoweth weighs as much as a pair of Louboutins. But she's not the only pint-sized Hollywood star. In fact, there are a ton of celebrities that are more petite than you may think.

Natalie Portman: Natalie stands at 5'3", which is actually just under the average height for women in the U.S.—5'4". It'd probably be even lower if we didn't have Victoria's Secret models running rampant, screwing up the averages. They must be stopped.

Prince: It's hard to imagine someone with such stage presence is only 5'2". It might have something to do with his high heels, too. It's rumored that Prince makes sure none of his girlfriends are taller than him, and he makes them all wear flats.

The Olsen Twins and Ashley Olsen: They're supposed to be identical, but Ashley Olsen is 5'3" while her sister Mary Kate is 5'1". How did Mary Kate get jipped out of a whole two inches? Somehow, they manage to look the same height. Which leads me to think Ashley is taking one for the team and wearing flats so her sis doesn't look so small.

Elisha Cuthbert: Cuthbert looks like a long, leggy blonde, but she's actually only 5'4". Fashion tip: not wearing clothes seems to make you look taller.

Eva Longoria: Eva is a small 5'2", and says, growing up she was the ugly duckling. "I was the only one of my family's four girls with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. Growing up I was the ugly one, because I was the odd one." Years later, and women everywhere try to recreate Eva's hair, eyes, and radiant, tan skin. If that's ugly, sign me up for fugly with a double shot of hideous.

Sarah Jessica Parker: It's hard to gauge Parker's height, because she always seems to be in 5" heels. But Sarah Jessica is a mere 5'4". The fashion icon works every inch of her demure frame.

Shakira: She's so busy moving her hips, it's hard to notice how tiny Shakira is. She's officially 5'2", but some accounts have her listed as 4'11". It's easy to move like that when there's not much of you to move.