Nas Owes $6 Million in Unpaid Taxes!

January 26, 2011 By:
Nas Owes $6 Million in Unpaid Taxes!

Do celebrities seriously think they can get away with not paying their taxes?! The government is broke, of course they're going to come after you!

Rapper Nas is the latest celeb being hunted down by the IRS. And get this, he owes over $6 million in unpaid taxes!!

He reportedly has three outstanding liens against him, one from October 2009 for $2,584,236, another from February 2010 for $3,365,671 while the latest one for $514,298 was filed earlier this month.

According to the Detroit News newspaper, Nas also owes $3,860 in fees on his New York apartment.

And wait, it doesn't end there! He still owes his ex wife Kelis $300,000! $52,989.22 of it is for outstanding mortgage fees. Damn, she had a good ass lawyer!

Nas was also ordered to pay Kelis $50,000 a month in spousal and child support but because of his money problems a judge recently slashed it to $25,000 a month.

His hole is so deep there's no helping him at this point. Just MC Hammer that shit and file for bankruptcy.