Naomi's Baby Surgery

June 9, 2008 By:
Naomi's Baby Surgery

Tantrum queen Naomi Campbell says she's undergone surgery to enable her to have children--and she's even willing to do it without a father.

She says, "Now I can have a child I would like one. I'm even willing to have one without a father. I know that I am ready." And Campbell believes motherhood will be life changing for her.

She adds, "I know that with a baby I would change, I'd calm down. With a child you cannot accept compromises. You have to give your full self."

Does she understand that babies require attention around the clock? And patience? Considering her love of tantrums, we'd suggest she skips out on Motherhood. In true Hollywood fashion, she'll probably end up hiring a half dozen nannies so she only sees her kid when it’s convenient for her. It’s sad but true.