Naomi Campbell Subpoenaed in War Crimes Trial

July 1, 2010 By:
Naomi Campbell Subpoenaed in War Crimes Trial

Naomi Campbell is going to be forced to take the stand in the war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor about a rough diamond Taylor allegedly gave her in 1997.

According to the AP, Campbell was subpoenaed today, and warned that she could be jailed for up to seven years if she refuses to testify.

On the stand, Campbell will be asked whether Taylor gave her a rough, or uncut, diamond as a gift during a 1997 reception in South Africa hosted by then-President Nelson Mandela. Prosecutors believe testimony will support will prove Taylor lied when he testified that he never possessed rough diamonds.

Naomi Campbell Attacks Reporter Over Diamonds

Naomi has been trying to avoid prosecutors for this whole year, making it known she had no wish to be part of the case. She was ordered to appear in court in The Hague on July 29 at 9 am "or to show good cause why you cannot comply with this subpoena."

Looks like she can’t hide from them anymore!

Taylor is accused of supporting rebels in Sierra Leone's 1991-2002 civil war, which claimed an estimated 500,000 victims of killings, systematic mutilation or other atrocities, with some of the worst crimes committed by child soldiers who were drugged to desensitize them.

Naomi has denied the claims in the past, but now that she’s being put on the stand, think her story will change?