Naomi Campbell Released From Jail

April 4, 2008 By:
Naomi Campbell Released From Jail

If you haven't heard by now, Naomi Campbell was arrested yesterday at Heathrow airport. She has since then cooled down and released.

Can you take a wild guess why she was arrested? If you guessed losing temper and assaulting someone you've got the correct answer.

The Queen B was at Heathrow airport yesterday when she was told one of her three baggages wouldn't make the flight with her. Naturally, she lost it which resulted in her spitting on a cop and getting dragged away. Classic. Didn't anyone take pictures at that moment?!?

So, last time she lost her temper, she had to clean toilets, wonder what they're gonna have her clean this time around? What would you want Naomi's punishment to be?