Naomi Campbell: I'm Not a Perfect Human Being

September 28, 2010 By:
Naomi Campbell: I'm Not a Perfect Human Being

Naomi Campbell is getting candid in a new article with Interview magazine. And surprisingly, she’s being honest that she’s not exactly a model citizen.

"Listen, I make many mistakes. Many mistakes. I'm not a perfect human being," says Campbell.

"I have to learn from my mistakes. And a lot of the ones I've made have been public. So I always get nervous when people speak about something that sounds like a role model, because I don't know if I've been a great role model myself."

In the photos that accompany the shoot, Naomi looks very dark and almost dangerous. But at this stage of the game, a good girl image isn’t something she’s concerned with keeping up.

"I mean, look, I'm controversial," she tells the mag. "If people want to work with me, then they want to work with me. If they don't, they don't."

Campbell says her fellow supermodels Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista helped her along the way during her early modeling years.

"Honestly, for me it was a blessing to have a friend like Christy. I was so indebted to her for so many things," she says.

"You know, when I was younger there were certain designers who hadn't used models of color in their shows, and Christy and Linda said to them, 'If you don't take Naomi, then you don't get us.' My friends and comrades stuck up for me -- and that doesn't happen in fashion. I will never forget that.

"I don't forget what people do. No matter how many years go by, I always remember."

It’s interesting to see this side of Naomi. At least she doesn’t believe in her heart of hearts that she hasn’t been in the wrong lately.

Admitting fault is half the battle!