Naomi Campbell Doesn't Think She's A Bad Person

July 14, 2008 By:
Naomi Campbell Doesn't Think She's A Bad Person

Naomi Campbell
doesn’t like when people say bad things about her. She doesn’t think she is a bad person and she doesn’t like it when people assume she’s a bad person just because she beats people down.

She says, "I'm not a bad person. When people say all these negative things about me, I ignore them. Let them be negative - but do that away from me. It hurts but I know there is much more good in the world."

She adds, "I'm blessed to be able to do charitable work and good things but no one focuses on that because I don't throw it in people's faces. That's why they focus on the negatives."

Naomi wants people to concentrate on her charitable work rather than the fact that she loves to throw things on innocent people. How bout we make a deal and concentrate on both?

Speaking of charitable work, Campbell and Tyson Beckford have donated toys to a children's hospital in Nigeria. The two visited the Island Maternity Hospital in Lagos on Sunday and were given a tour of the hospital. They had the chance to gift new and expectant mothers with six sackloads of toys.