Naomi Campbell Blames Airport Arrest On 9/11

September 30, 2008 By:
Naomi Campbell Blames Airport Arrest On 9/11

Here we go with the blame game. Naomi Campbell is blaming her arrest at Heathrow Airport on 9/11.

Forget the fact that she went ape shit on police officers, shift the blame onto the tragedy in the United States. Good one.

She says, "I think after 9/11 you can't say anything anymore on a plane.
I've flown British Airways for years, since I was a child. The stewardesses
will tell you that I would get on a plane, put on the blanket and go to
sleep. I'll never fly that airline again, but nothing's really lost. I did
get my luggage. I was reunited with my YSL, and everything was cool."

What a biatch! Care to comment?