March 31, 2006 By:

Naomi Campbell had an arraignment yesterday after she was busted for allegedly smashing her housekeeper in the head with a crystal encrusted blackberry, after accusing her of stealing a pair of jeans from her Park Avenue apartment.OUCH!

But Campbell’s camp says this is an attempt for retaliation against the supermodel and the injury was self inflicted. In a statement given from Naomi,“From the time she began working for me about 21/2 months ago, I began questioning her about items I found missing. This morning, when I finally fired her for that and her erratic behavior, she screamed, 'This is going to cost you a lot of money.'

Whether or not you believe Naomi Campbell pulled a Russell Crowe, HOLLYSCOOP did a little detective work and here is some key evidence for this case! Is it a conspiracy or is she just crazy? You decide!

- July 31, 20005, Naomi as accused of attacking and bloodying a friend, Italian actress Yvonne Scio, during an argument in Rome over clothes they were wearing.

- Nov. 9, 2004, Naomi allegedly attacked gofer Amie Castaldo by head-butting her, biting her on the lip and pulling her hair in the model's Park Avenue apartment.

- Sept. 15, 2001, The supermodel allegedly put a beating on personal assistant Simone Craig, who accused Campbell of holding her hostage, hitting her in the arm and face, and throwing a phone at her in a Beverly Hills hotel.

- September 1998, Campbell's secretary Georgina Galinas accused her of hitting her with a telephone and threatening to toss her out of a car while they were on a Toronto highway.

Girlfriend, with a record like this you better stock up on some “Armani Prison Couture Wear”.Naomi is ordered to return to court on June 27. If found guilty, she could face up to seven years in prison for a second degree assault. Naomi Campbell is now on her way to West Africa to do some charity work with Nelson Mandela. Word of advice to anyone who sees her, run the other way!