Nancy O'Dell Takes Mary Hart's Job!

November 9, 2010 By:
Nancy O'Dell Takes Mary Hart's Job!

Nancy O'Dell l finally found herself a job after leaving Access Hollywood. She's going to be replacing Mary Hart when she officially retires from the show in 2011. Entertainment Tonight is still on the air? Apparently so!

“I remember watching Entertainment Tonight when it first premiered and dreaming about working for the show someday,” she says. “I am honored to be the one chosen to fill a TV legend’s seat and I hope I can do her proud!”

Mary Hart was probably forced into retirement because she's 60 years old and it's sort of awkward to report on Justin Bieber and the rest of the Disney stars when you're old enough to be their grandmother. She had a great run though!

Every time I think of Entertainment Tonight I remember the anorexic twins segments they air during sweeps. Mary Hart was a pro at those segments!

“Nancy is a talented and respected entertainment correspondent. We have spent many years working on opposite sides of the celebrity battlefield and I know the show will flourish with Nancy as co-anchor,” Mary said in a statement about Nancy taking her job from her.

Battlefield indeed! That's what the entertainment reporting industry is....a battlefield!