Two More of Octuplets Come Home

March 27, 2009 By:
Two More of Octuplets Come Home

OctoMom Nadya Suleman must be thrilled to have two more of her octuplets home with her. That's two more babies she could be making money off.

On Thursday night Nadya and a friend drove to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, Calif., and picked up octuplet babies No. 5 and 6.

"They're both calm and quiet," Suleman tells People. "I'm really excited to get them home."

Doctors at the hospital handed over brothers Makai (5 lbs., pounds, 5 oz.) and Jeremiah (5 lbs., 14 oz.) to Suleman at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, and they arrived home a half hour later.

"Today was a special day for all of us as the babies' celebrated their 2-month birthday," said Kaiser neonatologist Mandhir Gupta.

"Over these past several weeks, we have seen these little ones flourish, grow stronger each day, which is rewarding for each of us who have cared for them."

Baby No. 7 is due home in the next few days, but the final octuplet is still underweight, and doctors say it might take a month before he's heavy enough to be released. We're sure Nadya will let the press know details about when these two lucky babies will be coming home.